Terumah: The Torah’s High-Carb Diet Plan



Bread has seen better days. Carbohydrates are like an endangered species, and the gluten-free craze has reached a manic zenith. Any dieter worth his or her salt – or sugar – would not touch these starchy wonders or steamy loaves with a ten-foot fork.

Perhaps with good reason.

But what if bread was more than simple foodstuff? What if bread held the secrets to the face of existence?

In this week’s Torah reading, the true face of bread is revealed and, along with it, the true face of reality itself.

It is called the lechem haponim, conventionally translated as “showbread” but literally meaning “face bread.”

The sages of the Talmud teach that this bread was perpetually fresh, never going hard or stale. The mystics of the Kabbalah teach that this bread represents the face of the world.

When you eat this bread, you gain enlightenment, not weight. Eat and be satisfied.


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