Tetzaveh: How Can I Become a Happier Person?



Kin Hubbard, the turn of the century humorist, famously said, “It is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness – poverty and wealth have both failed.” But, nevertheless, the pursuit of happiness remains a human obsession. Books promising secrets to achieve happiness continue to top the best seller lists — only telling us that these methods are clearly not working…

The number of people going to therapy and workshops seeking happiness are at record-breaking numbers. With all our online access to anything we wish, are we indeed becoming happier people? We have just entered the Hebrew month called Adar, which is a month of joy. As our sages say, “When Adar comes in, we increase in joy.”

But how do we do that when we are not in the mood? Wouldn’t it be nice to cast aside our personal/financial worries, our communal/national worries, and our global worries – and just be happy? Yeah right, you say. We’d all like to know the secret to happiness. This sermon examines the newest scientific proofs – which confirm what Jewish mystics always knew – that our attitudes shape our reality. Want to be happy, act happy. Want to change the world, change yourself.


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