The Kabbalah of Water



The second of the four human temperaments is water. Water reflects the calm and relaxed personality type. One that is fluid and soothing. The water archetype is love, which surrounds and nurtures us in its embrace. We begin our lives submerged in the embryonic fluids of our mother’s womb. Love moisturizes everything it comes in contact with. Like water, it makes things grow and is the source of great pleasure.

On a deeper level, the Kabbalistic mystics explain that water manifests the supra-conscious, and teaches us how to be submerged in and absorbed by a reality greater than ourselves, where subject and object fuse as one.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and explore this water feature in your life. Learn how to cultivate and build the nurturing powers of water, harness its strengths and temper its indulgences. Discover how to create the proper balance and harmony between the fire and water within your psyche and soul.


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