The Kabbalah of You



How high can we reach and how do we reach there? These two questions lie at heart of life’s “big” questions. Some argue that we mortals are quite limited and cannot reach very far. Others add that even if you were able to reach to the stars, you wouldn’t know how to or you wouldn’t be able to find a vehicle that can take you there. These perspectives hardly leave us with much hope to discover great vistas. No wonder many of us give up before even trying.

Enter two great mystics who taught us both the what and the how of transcendence: that we can indeed reach the sky and beyond, and the tools how we can achieve that.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on this special day, Chai Elul, the birthday of these two great luminaries, who provided us with the ladder to climb to the greatest heights and with the method how to climb. You will not want to miss this presentation, which illuminates the Kabbalah of you — the two primary dimensions in your spiritual DNA, that allows you to see yourself in a new way, and offers you methodologies and tools to discover your inner ladder and how to climb it to reach places you could never have imagined possible.


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