The Science and Kabbalah of Pain and Pleasure



Do you have any idea how much impact pain and pleasure have on your life? How many decisions are made and how our behavior and relationships are shaped by our drive for pleasure and our aversion to pain? Freudian psychology — as well as other schools of thought — places the pain and pleasure principle at the center of the psyche and its drives. Marketing and advertising seek to trigger our primal emotions by demonstrating how a product or service will bring us pleasure or prevent pain.

Recent studies thicken the plot by showing that pleasure and pain stimulate the same regions in the brain, causing much speculation on the similarities and commonalities between them, and how they affect each other. How much of our pleasure is seeking to numb our pain, and how much of our pain is a result of unfulfilled pleasure — just to name one intriguing question.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pioneering talk dissecting the root and “soul” of pain and pleasure. Drawing from millennia old kabbalistic wisdom, discover the secret connection between pleasure and pain, and how we can transform the deepest anguish into the greatest joy.


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