The Spiritual Meaning of the New Moon



We have always been mystified by the moon — it’s haunting presence shimmering in our night sky. We have studied the moon and its effects on life on earth, we have spent trillions to travel to, land on and explore our lonely lunar sphere. From romance to music and science fiction, the moon with its pale glow captures our imagination.

What lies behind this fascination?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he “launches” a lunar probe — exploring the “soul” of the moon — the cosmic and spiritual forces that energize the moon. The moon has been with us since the beginning of time. It is a living witness to every event in history. What secrets does the moon harbor? What messages does it have for us? What can we learn from the lunar cycles? How can it empower us as we face our own personal and psychological challenges? How can it help us build healthier lives and relationships? You won’t want to miss this lunar exploration as you discover and appreciate new and fascinating insights into our relationship with the moon.


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