The Third Partner In Your Life



How many partners are there in a relationship? Some say that there are at least six people — the two spouses, and each of their parents, whose attitudes shaped (and often continue to shape) the lives of their children. When you consider past relationships, then you can throw in more partners — since a previous relationship often continues to impact (or haunt) a present relationship? On the other end of the spectrum, some cynics argue that there really are no partners in a relationship; that ultimately a “relationship” is nothing more than a self-absorbed relationship with yourself, and your partner and all others are simply “props” to enhance the self.

Now let’s rephrase the question: How many partners are there in a healthy relationship (with emphasis on the word healthy)? Relationships are difficult enough without bringing into the mix parents and previous connections. So how many partners are necessary to create a robust, growthful and mutually enriching relationship?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he delves into the fray, and discover that the secret to a healthy and lasting relationship is the “third partner.” Without this “invisible” partner no relationship can truly thrive and perpetuate. Indeed, this “third partner” empowers us to reach heights we can never access on our own. Who is this “third partner”, and how can we incorporate it in our lives to build the greatest possible life?


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