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What makes us tick? Is there more to existence than we can see and feel?

This four part series, titled Spiritual DNA, dissects the fundamental building blocks of existence. Just as DNA is a blueprint that contains the genetic instructions of all living organisms, the Kabbalah is a blueprint that stores the spiritual genetics of all living souls, information vital for the development and function of everything in existence. Access these forces and learn how they can help improve your life and relationships.

Part 1: Cosmic Order
The inner workings of existence and the human psyche are controlled by a systems known as the cosmic order, consisting of four worlds and ten Sefirot. Discover the component of the cosmic order – an elegant four tiered structure, reflected in the four steps necessary in any creative process: Vision (Atzilut), framework (Beriah), shape (Yetzirah) and implementation (Asiyah).

Part 2: Tree of Knowledge
The symbolism of the Garden of Eden deciphered. The mystics explain that when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit entire human consciousness was altered and collective innocence lost. What exactly changed? How does it affect us today? How do we regain the original unity consciousness of Paradise?

Part 3: Divine Sparks
Each of us is allocated a certain amount of spiritual “sparks” of energy contained in every aspect of our lives. These sparks are waiting to be tapped and actualized, and when they are your life comes alive bursting with enthusiasm and passion.

Part 4: Sacred Practices
The greatest challenge is to integrate the spiritual life into our daily hectic schedules. Identify practices and rituals that will sanctify your everyday life, at home, work, travel and recreation.


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