The Great Shabbat: Now and Then



When Disease Heals Disease

The final week of slavery in the Jew-hating land of Egypt must have been something for the Jews. After 210 years of unspeakable suffering, what was this final week of slavery like? What was the mood of the Children of Israel? What, for that matter, was the mood of the Egyptians?

While pondering that question, transpose the situation to the modern day and ask yourself: How would Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda feel if they knew that, in exactly one week, the light that they have been trying to snuff out will completely and unequivocally shine free and forever?

How would darkness react?

This is the question we ponder today, as we consider the nature of the great miracle that took place on Shabbat HaGadol, some 3,300 years ago in Egypt.

In that great miracle, when the candle did not just dispel darkness, but darkness itself dispelled darkness, lies the secret of this great day.

Two elements of the great miracle, one cited by the Baal HaTurim and one by the Alter Rebbe, teach us what the greatness of Shabbat HaGadol is all about – for all generations and especially for us today.







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