Under Your Skin: The Interstitium



Last year medical researchers discovered a new body part, called the interstitium — a network of fluid-filled spaces in connective tissue across the body that hadn’t been seen before.

Previously, it was thought that these tissue layers were a dense “wall” of collagen — a strong structural protein found in connective tissue. But the new finding reveals that, rather than a “wall,” this tissue is more like an “open, fluid-filled highway,” said co-senior study author Dr. Neil Theise, a professor of pathology at New York University Langone School of Medicine.

With all that’s known about human anatomy, you wouldn’t expect the discovery of a new organ in this day and age. But now, doctors say they’ve done just that.

What is the significance of this discovery, what lessons does it teach us and what insights does it offer us in understanding ourselves and the cosmos?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he travels “under the skin” and explores the fascinating parallels between the interstitium and the Kabbalistic map of the human body and soul. Discover the role of this “fluid filled network” in your psycho-spiritual life and how it can help you improve your well-being and your relationships.


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