Vayechi: A Bumper Sticker for the New Year



In a line or two, bumper stickers can sum up a person’s beliefs. Though often no more than cute cliché, a well thought out brief description can capture more than volumes. As they say: short is long.

So, what is the Jew’s bumper sticker?

After the year that was, what would you write on your bumper as a slogan for 2015?

The past calendar year was a challenging year on many fronts. Our brothers and sisters in Israel were under constant attack, and anti-Semitism throughout the world (often masquerading as anti-Zionism) reached frightening heights.

As Jews, what can we do to ensure that 2015 is a better year – a year of peace, of spiritual clarity, of physical prosperity and, ultimately, of redemption? What one line can help us guide the vehicle of life through ruts and ditches and arrive at a better destination?

The answer lays in a conversation that took place in Egypt 3,520 years ago between Jacob – who was then on his deathbed – and his twelve sons, who would become the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

This sermon also contains two stories that demonstrate the power of the Shema recited by the Twelve Tribes then and recited by us today.



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