Vice Advice – Part Four: Covetousness



We all have our vices, as we do our virtues. Though it is certainly healthier and more productive to focus on broadening our positivity rather than slaying the demons of negativity, there are times when we do need to focus on our darker sides in order to gain mastery over them.

Do you struggle with anger, vanity, desire, covetousness, envy, frivolity, slothfulness, melancholy? Tune in this new Vice Ad-vice series and discover new ways to conquer these, and other vices.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for part four of this intriguing series: Addressing the Vice of Covetousness. Why do people covet? What is the root and anatomy of covetousness? Does a covet gene exist? Are there benefits to covetousness? How can we channel its power? What is the difference between desiring and coveting?

Discover a refreshing, surprising way to look at covetousness directly in its face. Learn new tools to help you redirect and harness coveting for a greater benefit.


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