Welcome 2022: What Will This New Year Bring?



As the curtain comes down on this strange and bizarre year of 2021, we are all left wondering: What now? What comes next and how can we possibly prepare for it?

If the past 24 months taught us anything – with covid in the air, political disruptions and upheavals, unprecedented uncertainties – it is that we have very little control of what’s going on in the world around us. There has clearly been a tremendous disruption in all our lives. There’s practically no sector of life that hasn’t been impacted by these events, whether it’s work, travel, schooling, entertainment, sports, etc.  And when you couple that with so many other polarizing forces in politics, the debates, the media and modern technology amplifying everything, sometimes we are left feeling disoriented, completely lost at sea.

With all that being said, how can we possibly enter a new year with confidence and positive energy? Is there any hope on the horizon?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as we enter into the new year, and discover that the key to gaining control is: learning how to navigate the stormy and unpredictable waves. You do that by digging and uncovering your deeper spiritual resources and developing the right attitude and perspective, which in turn impacts your family and friends — and creates the change the world needs. Together, let us welcome 2022 with open arms, empowered and excited for a future of positivity, light, warmth and global transformation.


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