What Does the Bible Really Say About Morality?



Morality is a big word, which means different things to different people. What exactly is morality? Is it absolute or relative? Are moral values something we can all agree about, or are there different opinions on what constitutes a moral act? Can certain behavior be considered by some as moral and by others immoral? If so, how do we determine what is the moral standard to abide by? And if we all have our standards, how can we create a universal co-existence?

The list of questions goes on and on. And they aren’t mere academic exercises. Morality and its meaning has far reaching implications in virtually every area of life — personal, familial, communal, education, business, national and international relations.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dives into the heart of the matter, and dissects the definition and evolution of morality at its core. Tracing it back its roots in the Bible, we discover how morality is an intrinsic component in the development of every aspect of society and civilization. Why should we be moral? Is it simply a way for us to coexist? How does it reflect and express the nature of our very psyches? Does morality make us healthier people? What connection does morality have with spirituality? How can we come away with a moral compass and code that can help us each actualize ourselves and grow, as well as enhance our relationships and interaction with the world around us?


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