What Is Integrity



Integrity is a critical component in virtually every aspect of existence. From infrastructures to relationships, from nature to medicine, from education to leadership – when integrity is compromised the entire entity is jeopardized. Integrity engenders trust and builds confidence and stability. Nothing, frankly, can be relied upon if their is no integrity.

And yet, most of us can agree that we live in times when integrity is in crisis. What impact does this have on our psyches and societies? What can we do to restore integrity? The first step in addressing all problems is awareness — realizing the vital importance of integrity, identifying the problem, understanding its consequences and implications and finding solutions.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this candid talk, shining a light on ourselves, on our values and on our current social standards — asking the big question: Why is integrity so rare of a commodity today? Do we appreciate its value and power? And how can we rebuild integrity, and by extension, improve our lives and the world?


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