Who You Are When No One Is Looking



How many faces do you have? Perhaps a better word for it is “masks” — how many masks do you wear? The face/mask you show your co-workers, the face/mask you show your friends, the face/mask you show your family, the face/mask you show strangers, the face/mask you show to people you trust, and the one you show to people you fear — and in each one of these groups you have likely a different face/mask you show to each respective individual. Bottom line: We have of variety of many different faces/masks we wear, for different people and different occasions.

But what are you like without any mask? If you were to “kick off your shoes” and remove all your filters and buffers, all your defense mechanisms and armor, what would you look like? Is there anyone you feel comfortable to be so vulnerable with? With all the preforming we need to do in our lives, to satisfy and meet people’s expectations and demands, do we even know who we truly are beneath the surface?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he tackles this vital yet shrouded mystery — how to bridge the inner and outer you. Learn ways to unmask your veils and discover the true you — who you are when no one is looking — and how to build the courage to actualize the inner you in your life and relationships. It’s about time to get to know and express your self!


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