The Original 12-Type Biblical Personality Test


Do you know your personality type? Here is a template of twelve archetypes, based on the Biblical twelve tribes, to help you discover your distinctive character, and learn to express your unique voice. We may have several of these characteristics, and may experience them at different times in our lives.

The Twelve Personality Types According to the Bible

Reuben — The first-born: Represents the powerful energy of beginnings. Of everything that comes first. The first fruit, the first moments of the day, the beginning of every creation – has enormous amount of energy. “Unstable like water,” this power can go either way: If harnessed properly, the first-born’s energy can change worlds; if abused it can destroy. Like water, it can be the source of life, but if left unchanneled it can erode its environment and flood its surroundings.

Shimon — Aggressive discipline: The antithesis of the first born/water. The fierce anger and cruel wrath that can result from unbridled discipline must be eliminated lest it turns into weapons of violence that consume the person and all those he comes in contact with. (The lesson of this today is self understood.)

Levi — The joiner: The personality of dedicating your life to serving a higher calling, of freeing yourself from the bonds of material survival and attaching yourself to a higher cause.

Judah — The selfless leader: The path of the leader is the path of selflessness and acknowledgement – the most vital ingredient in true leadership.

Dan — The judge: The steward of law and order. Objective justice is the heart of any civilization.

Naphtali — The free spirit: Like a “deer running free” – breaking out of the status quo – independence is a necessary component in growth. Yet, this free-spiritedness must always take care to “deliver words of beauty.”

Gad — The warrior: Expanding on the justice of the judge, the warrior is ready to fight for his beliefs. The warrior is necessary to both defend our cherished values and to protect our freedoms.

Asher — The abundant one: Characterized by prosperity and pleasure, of blessing beyond the norm – to be given more than what is necessary for survival. He is the personality of not just getting what you need, but also enjoying it.

Issachar — The scholar: Scholarship provides wisdom, clarity, and direction. It is the foundation of any healthy society. The scholar personifies the dedication to immerse in study and education.

Zebulon — The merchant: The businessperson personality. The philanthropist. His role is to enter the marketplace and redeem the Divine sparks within the material world. The merchant supports the scholar, he funds houses of scholarship, which earns him a right to partake in the reward of the scholar’s studies.

Joseph — The survivor: One who has suffered. Yet, he not only survives; he thrives. He achieves greatness through his challenges. He overcomes all adversary and becomes a great leader, saving his entire generation. Despite his corrupt environment, he maintains his spiritual integrity. His inner light is powerful.

Menashe — The freedom fighter: Represents the ability to not succumb to the constraints that want to make you forget your spiritual roots. He remains connected regardless of the challenges, and courageously fights to defend his values.

Ephraim — The transformer: It is not enough to just survive in an alien environment, but to thrive. The transformer is the power to transform the difficulties into Divine power.

Benjamin — The hungry one: He is hungry for the Divine sparks in all of existence. He recognizes that his mission is to passionately seek out the Divine energy embedded in matter, devour it, consume and elevate it.

Exercise: Which personality are you? What part do you need to develop? Identify your personality type and start to work on yourself.  Journal about it in your MyMLC journal.

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5 years ago

Pray for the doors of understanding God’s word will come alive to me

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