42 Journeys

42 journeys

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that the forty-two journeys in the wilderness – from Egypt to Israel – reflect the forty-two journeys or phases that each person experiences throughout life. “These are the journeys of the Israelites, who had left Egypt” on the way to the Promised Land: All the 42 journeys are about freeing ourselves and transcending the constraints and limitations (Mitzrayim) of our material existence which conceals the Divine, subduing and sublimating the harsh “wilderness” of selfish existence, and discovering the “Promised Land” – a life of harmony between body and soul.

These 42 journeys allow us to align our lives to the compass a higher rhythm, as defined by the 42 journeys in the Torah, and actually create a strategy that rides and taps into these rhythms.

We bring you a series from Rabbi Jacobson, that outlines the psycho-spiritual 42 journeys that each of us go through in our own lives.


Part 1 Journeys 1-5

Part 2 Journeys 5-12

Part 3 Journeys 13-20

Part 4 Journeys 21-27

Part 5 Journeys 27-33

Part 6 Journeys 34-38

Part 7 Journeys 39-42


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