The joyful days of Sukkot are also a profound time of spiritual power. Sukkot is observed by living in temporary shelters -- booths -- and waving the four kinds. You've arrived at a supreme source of information about the spiritual journey of Sukkot. Enjoy!

Sukkot 2021: September 20-27.

Discover the meaning of Sukkot. The Meaningful Life Center offers hundreds of insights that could take your Sukkot experience to a new level of joy. Learn about the spiritual and Kabbalistic meaning of the Four Kinds — lulav (palm branch), etrog (citron), hadas (myrtle branches), and aravot (willow branches). What does the sukkah itself mean? How is sukkot a celebration of unity? And so much more…

The Sukkah as a Metaphor for Life

 MP3 Class: Sukkot and Simchat Torah – Joy

Unity in Three Dimensions: The Four Kinds on Sukkot

Sukkot Stories

Abraham's tent
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