A Chance Reading and Meeting


I landed at Simon’s book signing after seeing his book Toward a Meaningful Life lying around on a table in a cafe where my boyfriend and I were getting coffee. I picked up the book and decided to open to a random page and read it to my boyfriend. It opened to the page about the two varieties of depression – one positive and one negative and I read it out loud to him. Not only was it exactly what I needed to hear at that time, but the gentleman drinking a coffee at the table next to ours came over with tears in his eyes asking what book I was reading from. We weren’t even sure ourselves, so we looked at the front cover together, and after writing down the title of the book and Simon’s name, he left the cafe to go to a local book store to find the book. We called the bookstore to find out about the book, and were thrilled to hear the Simon himself would be visiting for a book signing event.


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