3 Inspirational Thoughts to Start Your Day Right


Good morning, Sunshine! Are you ready for an exciting day at work? Are you ready to punch us in the face? We know — weekday mornings can be the beginning of a life-sucking slog. But they don’t have to be. These three inspirational thoughts can take your morning from “I’m sitting in traffic wanting to go back to bed and never get up” to “I love life!”

1. Manipulate The Situation In Your Favor With Stealth Soul Actions

Any job you do, even if it is a motivation-deadening cubicle hell job, can and should be a vehicle for who you are. The work itself might feel boring and meaningless, but you can manipulate the situation in your favor. Be a secret agent of yourself: Throughout the day, sneak in as many ways as possible to turn your work soulful. Your interactions with co-workers, clients, your boss, even the mindfulness that you practice while staring at the blue light of your computer monitor are all opportunities for stealth soul actions.

2. This One Simple Thing to Put On Your Desk Can Change Everything

Conventional wisdom says to put plants, photos of loved ones, small trinkets that remind you of good times on your desk to enliven your work environment. They can make your work space more pleasant, but they can’t shift your whole relationship to work. One simple item can change everything: Put a charity box on your desk. A charity box reminds you of the Divine purpose of your work. When your tasks seem banal, you can look at your charity box (or even put some coins into it) to affirm that you can literally transform your work into something that changes the world. A charity box also gives you an opportunity to talk to your coworkers about giving, good deeds, and spirituality — so it can help bring a greater sense of meaning to everybody on the job.

3. Your Obnoxious Coworkers and Boss Are A Laboratory for Your Self-Growth

Self-growth doesn’t happen on the meditation mat. It happens when you face painful and difficult situations with insight and in a better way than you did before. Obnoxious people are a gift — every annoying or insulting thing they say to you is an opportunity for you to work on yourself. Mindfulness, patience, communication skills, tolerance, assertiveness, preservation of dignity — these are all personality areas that most people need to work on. You can triumph over your personality problems by using your workplace interactions as a laboratory for self-growth. Come home from work every day knowing that you refined yourself and became a better person.

Exercise: Describe in detail as many things as possible that you could do to make your mornings more rewarding. Record your answer in MyMLC.


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1 year ago

Thank you Rabbi ! Good reminders and new ways too of bringing meaning and light to our work day. So much appreciated !!! I like being reminded that obnoxious people are opportunities for areas I need to grow in. Super good. Be on the lookout for these opportunities!!!!!!!! Dig in and see what I can do today !!!! BH

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