A Better Me: Making it Last

How do we maintain inspiration after the “honeymoon”?

In life, it is relatively easy to get excited and inspired — but it is not so easy to keep that initial spark going. We hear a powerful speech that touches us deeply and are determined to change our life and perspective… a few days later the daily grind puts us right back in our original rut. We start a new diet with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, inspired by the “after images” plastered around social media… a few days later the initial intensity has run out and we are back to our old habits.

How does one perpetuate that inspiration; how does one stay motivated? Is there a secret method to making the excitement last?

We just finished a 7 week course titled, 7 Weeks to a Better You. We examined the entire spectrum of our human emotions and diagnosed our personality and character traits; from love to discipline, compassion to tenacity, humility to bonding and dignity. But now comes the hard question: How do we ensure that all our hard work lasts?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a follow up bonus course and learn vital lessons and tips on how to maintain inspiration and integrate it into our daily lives. Discover the three-step secret process to creating permanent changes and improvements in your life.

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