A Day that Changed the World

The Ultimate Interface

How do we integrate the mutiple forces tugging at us in so many different directions? How do we take advantage of all the benefits of modern technology without losing our souls? How do we fuse the conflicting voices of our mind and heart, body and soul — between survival and transcendence? How do we balance our personal and professional lives? How do we relieve the tension between matter and spirit, between the diabolical and the divine, between heaven and earth? The answers to these and many other critical issues facing us today can be found in a place that is mostly unknown — a day this week that is far more than a day. A day that introduced a revolutionary interface — the ultimate formula to find harmony in a chaotic world.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Yud Tes Kislev workshop and learn how this one day, 215 years ago, opened up new channels that have forever changed the universe. Discover how we can access the intimate power of the spirit to transform virtually every aspect of our lives.

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