Am I Unlovable? Elul Secrets to Finding Love

Nothing is more painful than to hear someone saying: “I am unlovable”. “No one cares about me.” Why are these words so heart-wrenching? Because we all sense that every child deserves to be cherished and loved. That dignity is the birthright of every human being. And that no one is unfit or undeserving of love. It’s nothing less than tragic to witness the self-loathing individual who feels worthless and meaningless. What could have happened in someone’s life that would bring them to such a degraded and humiliating state? And above all, what can be done to empower and revitalize such a parched and broken soul?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this special Elul workshop and discover timeless psycho-mystical secrets to finding love even in the darkest places. But this is not just for those that are love-starved. Elul provides us all with tools to uncover even deeper reservoirs of love. So whether you are in need of love or are filled with love, learn how Elul opens for us up the wellsprings of love which run endlessly deep.

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