Are You Dependent, Co-Dependent or In-Dependent?

Independence Day seems to be a good time to take stock of your own state of independence. Do you feel free or do you feel subjugated to forces controlling your life — your job, expectations of others, your inner fears? Is your spirit light and soaring like a bird, or are you weighed down and drained?

Perhaps this compels us to ask the bigger question: What actually is true independence? Is it a physical state — as in not being confined to a dungeon, or is it an emotional and psychological state? What can we do to experience and grow our independence? How can we become freed from our trappings?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on this July 4th special, and learn how to honestly evaluate your state of independence and your capacity to free yourself of the shackles (within and without) that hold you down. Whether you are dependent, co-dependent or in-dependent you will discover news ways that empower you to take wing and fly to unprecedented heights.

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5 years ago

Thank you!
Great message!
I think you hit it on the head. True freedom & indepence is embracing one’s spirit without the self conscious, ego constraints.
To be yourself. I struggle with this, but it’s a goal worth sticking to.
Starting to believe the ability to transcend oneself really is possible.
Thank you again.
Loved this lecture!

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