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How to Create a Bright Future Unhaunted by the Past


Why is it that we an’t seem to free ourselves of our pasts even when we determine to proceed on with our lives? What is it about the past that keeps us down and even trapped? Why can’t we just shake off previous experiences and move forward?

In this powerful class Rabbi Jacobson uncovers the mysterious power of inertia created by our pasts, and teaches us how to loosen its hold. Learn how to unclog blocks that imprison your psyche — and release the enormous energy within, allowing you to build a bright new future, with beautiful new possibilities, unhaunted by the ghosts of yesterday.

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When I clicked on ”print” – it only printed out the 2 paragraphs under the video – was it supposed to print the entire transcript? I surely hope so!!! I want to send this to my son who is incarcerated in prison.

This was absolutely amazing Rabbi! Thank you for this insight into our ‘inner essence’ … thank you for being open, honest and straightforward in order to reveal the depth of who we are inside by freeing ourselves of the bondage without!


Judi Kirk

I am sharing this beautiful class with others, having listened to it twice now. Shabbat shalom and once again, thank you!


This is good.
Going to make the 4 lists and try to allot 5 minutes or so a day to working on this.
Lech Lecha!
Thank you for these practical tools. ????

Monica Fuchs

Dear Rabbi Jacobson,
Thank you very much for all the goodness that you bring to the world.
Many blessings to you and your family.

Evana Miriam

May Hashem bless u to continue to soar and cause the others to also soar to one’s highest potential. U are doing an amazing job – thank you so much ! Hashem has blessed u with much wisdom, depth, insight …and eloquent way of delivering the thoughts and the messages across.
Much hazlakha in fulfilling your mission????????????

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