Are You Free or Enslaved?

July 4th Independence Day Workshop

As we celebrate Independence Day it seems appropriate to ask the question: Do you feel free and independent? We may have technical freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition and the other Bill of Rights, but how about feeling emotionally and psychologically free? How many fears, inhibitions, insecurities and demons hold us hostage? Can you freely express your intimate self? Are you able to be your self, or do you need to consistently manuever and preform to satisfy others? How many of your decisions are truly your own and how many are determined by other forces — parents, peers, society, media, circumstances and… the list goes on. Above all: what is stopping you from being your self, from being true to your self, from being able to listen and follow your inner voice?

Now is the right time to find out. As we travel through this calendar period, called The Three Weeks or Between the Dire Straits (Bein HaMetzorim), we have the opportunity to travel down the wormhole (or the rabbit hole, as some prefer to call it) into the black holes of our own psyches. These 21 days allow us to see parts of our lives that are usually invisible. Seeing a black hole is like shining a flashlight on a shadow: it disappears as soon as you look at it. Yet, The Three Weeks give us a rare glimpse into the soul of darkness.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this continuing Three Weeks workshop series on the fascinating and surprising parallels between black holes without and within. Identify the cosmic root of all black holes — the dark and mysterious tzimtzum, which left a black hole where existence emerges. Peer into the dark crevices of your psyche and discover the causes of your fears and insecurities, and the enormous power and energy contained in your shadows. Learn how to unleash these forces that have never seen light to feel confident in your own inner voice and find true freedom of expression and independence. Take flight…

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