Can There be a Shadow Without Light?

Nine Days Workshop

Perhaps our greatest enemy is a psychological one: Despite the inherent challenges of any given problem, the most difficult element is the feeling of helplessness and demoralization associated with the problem. When we feel overwhelmed and paralyzed in a crisis, the initial dilemma is compounded and even overshadowed by the sense that we are trapped, with no possible escape. The worst adversary of all is not the mightiest force, but the one that convinces us that it is the mightiest. If we feel we cannot win, it saps our resolve to fight to the point that we give up. This is what fear does to us: It holds us tight and immobilizes us from making the effort to free ourselves from its tentacles. Take an infection. As bad as it may be, it gets far worse when we think or convince ourselves that it cannot heal. This is the formidable power of our dark shadows — they strip us of our confidence, they weaken us into thinking that we have no power.

Nothing, however, can be farther from the truth. Our darkest moments contain the greatest power. If there was no light there could be no shadow. Like black holes that wield tremendous potency, the shadows in our lives suck in every last tinge of light, psychologically debilitating us, making us feel that the situation is hopeless. Our challenge is to not be deceived by the darkness and recognize and tap the powerful energy within.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Nine Days Shadows workshop series on the fascinating and surprising parallels between black holes without and within. The Nine Days shines a light on the darkest place in our souls, in our lives and in the world — a rare glimpse into the soul of darkness. By identifying the cosmic root of all black holes — the dark and mysterious tzimtzum — you can peer into the dark crevices of your psyche, discover the causes of your fears and insecurities, and unleash the enormous energy contained in your shadows. Learn how to access these forces and build confidence in your own inner voice and find true freedom of expression and independence.

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