Are You Waiting For a Miracle?

Nissan Workshop

Is there anyone who can’t use a miracle from time to time? On the other hand, some wait for a miracle that never comes. “I waited half my life away,” sings Leonard Cohen. Can we generate miracles in our lives, or is it a matter of grace? How much effort must we invest, and how much is dependent on heaven? Why do some people seem to get all the breaks, and others do not? Do we control our destinies? These are good questions to think about as we enter the month of Nissan, so named for it being a month of miracles, and miracles within miracles (the word “nissan” means miracles of miracles, nisi nisim).

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful talk as he dissects the anatomy of a miracle and demonstrates how we have the power to create miracles anytime we wish, by uncovering the hidden magic within us and within everything around us. Discover how to tap into the energy of this miraculous month and especially of the holiday of Passover.

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