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Breaking Down the Highest Level of Empathy


Rabbi Simon Jacobson breaks down the highest level of empathy by telling a story of the Mittler Rebbe.

Exercise: List one situation where you want to have empathy. Explore how you can apply a higher level of empathy in this situation. Record your answer in MyMLC.


Go deeper into this subject: Heartwarming Chassidic Stories and Melodies, Do You  Know How to Empathize?

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Jacquelyn Helene Contreras
1 year ago

I would like more empathy towards people suffering storm damage and other losses. I feel like my choices to seek Hashem have removed
the possibilty of suffering such loss. I count on compassion and mercy from Hashem, and receive it. So when other people suffer, sometimes I’m like Jobs friends, well, what did you do to have you home demolished? I’m a jerk sometimes. Today, Jerk no more. I am new.