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Can a Disease Become a Cure?


We all have made our share of mistakes, intentional or unintentional. We all have our flaws and defects, our psychological scars and lacerations. Conventional wisdom tells us that we can heal from our wounds and grow through our pain. We may be able to erase our unwanted pasts or overshadow them with positive strength. But can our actual mistakes and deficiencies become healing agents? Can a disease become a cure?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this Kabbalistic healing workshop and travel into the inner core of all ailments and discover surprising secrets of your soul, not the least of which is the startling truth: All disease stems from a response to correct an aberration. At the root of all afflictions — of all negative energy — lies tremendous potency. Learn how to tap these powerful forces which feed your pains and convert them into formidable allies.

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Gerry Weitz

Hello Rabbi, Well done Wednesday night! I loved your class. I’ll never see a snake the same way. I found particular insight when you said that not commuting an “averah” can be seen as a mitzvah. I have to remember to get below and move beyond the “klipah.” Your lecture also brought me back to my Shunamite essay, learning from pain and accepting the positive, energizing power of faith. I wish my wife watched your lectures, particularly last night’s lecture, as she is a true world leader in the field of anti-biotic and anti-fungal resistance. But that’s another story. Anyway,… Read more »

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