Can You Change a Narcissist?

Many argue that a narcissist cannot be healed. Obviously, there are degrees of narcissism, but overall the attitude is that it’s best not to have a relationship with a narcissist. Narcissistic Personality Disorder has even become a diagnosis. The reasoning is:
because people with this condition present with a great deal of grandiosity and defensiveness, which makes it difficult for them to acknowledge problems and vulnerabilities.

Is there hope for those with NPD and the people who love them? Is there anything we can do if we see early warning signs or actual diagnostic criteria besides end the relationship?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this important lecture, as he dissects the deeper roots of narcissism and offers a surprising new approach to treating this condition based on seeing the human psyche in a new light. Our general attitude and confidence in correcting a personality disorder is in direct proportion to our understanding the depths and powers of a personality in the first place. How can we write off a soul, without knowing what that soul is made of? The key to any form of healing is to 1) define the root of the problem (not just its symptoms) and to 2) appreciate and access the psyche’s inner resources. In this talk you will discover to do both in regard to narcissism.

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6 years ago

I am married to someone who is Narcissistic and is very abusive. We have been to therapy both individually and together.
I disagree that all you need to do is “show them respect” like you mentioned, as everything you will do will be looked at and considered as disrespectful. Additionally, I disagree with the second thing you said, of having him learn about the what the soul is made of in order to give him security, He knows all this but nothing ever penetrates beyond his intellect to his emotions.

5 years ago

Please I need desperately the solution to live with a terrible narcisit

Sandra Kranenburg
4 years ago

Love this lecture! And all the peaces of the puzzle are now complete! Realising dat I was the problem. And it is a twist! For years looking for the answer why things happened. Therapie, self help books, kabbalah. I was alway calling it; they looked for my weak spots and then they shoot. Everything you are telling, they will use this against you. You can win that!! I can win that, I must know my week spots. And when I realised that, I could see what was going on constantly. I could use that to not let it bother me. Not showing that it bothered me!!! Laughing about it!! See how ridiculus that behaviour is! Now 2 things can happen, they leave because you are no longer their puppet. Or when they are having a point in their heart, they change. Use it for the good. Learn from their behavior. Not to hurt, but to heal.

Seliger Ruth
4 years ago

Amazing. Spouse can perhaps also hold a space for the other. That space is one where you believe in them to rise to the level of being able to break out of it. Having compassion for their insecure child within may also help. Thanks for cracking the code! Fab lecture!

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