Centennial of a New Era: What 1915 Can Teach Us In 2015

The last century was the most momentous one in history; the most tragic as well as the most glorious of centuries. It was both the bloodiest century — over 100 million killed in the two World Wars — as well as the most successful, in terms of life expectancy, technological and economic growth, humanitarianism, the spread of social equality and civil rights.

We cannot understand the present and certainly not the future without examining the seeds of the 20th century that have given birth to the 21st century.

100 years ago – in 1915 – no one could have imagined what was coming. Not the unthinkable upheavals and destruction that would ravage the earth and not the unprecedented scientific breakthroughs that would transform the same earth.

Yet, the cure precedes the disease. In every generation there are the rare visionaries who, in their ultra-sensitivity, have their hand on the pulse of their times and foresee events to come.

A seemingly inconsequential event that occurred 100 years ago this week, contains the secret of earth shattering events to come, and provides us with a vision for the future offering us direction and guidance to deal with the challenges facing us today.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating look at this centennial. Get a rare opportunity to peer through the eyes of an extraordinary visionary, who, this week in 1915, at the dawn of the 20th century, began a physical and spiritual journey, that would mirror the events to come — events that would forever change the world in which we live. Discover how this journey offers us today, 100 years later a blueprint and plan for the future.

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