Why Are You Not Connecting?

3 Secrets to Excellent Communication and Relationships

Do you ever — or often — feel that you are simply not connecting with others? Do you feel misunderstood — unable to get through and convey your thoughts and feelings? Do you feel at times all alone? Do you have anyone you consider a true and loyal friend or mentor, someone you can trust with your innermost fears and emotions? Do you find it difficult to express your opinion? Whew! That was a mouthful. But these and so many other related questions plague many (if not all) of us in our (sometimes desperate) search for connection and communication with each other. As the social creatures we are, we crave connection and bond with another. We are incomplete without it. And despite all our modern technologies and communication tools, we still seem to be suffering form the lack of intimate and personal connection. Notwithstanding the number of friends we may have on Facebook and other social networls, or the amount of texting we do hour after hour, how many real friends do we really have?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful workshop and discover the secret to true communication. Of all places we derive this from Moses’ enigmatic speech deficiency, and his argument that he is therefore not worthy of being the leader and communicator: “I am a man of no words,” cried Moses. And yet, he becomes the greatest communicator of all time, one whose words live on like no other! Learn the formula of excellent communication, which in turn will allow you to connect and bond with others in new and powerful ways.

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