Coronavirus: How Should We React?

The unprecedented global Coronavirus pandemic – Covid-19 – is effecting literally every person on earth, and disrupting every sector and industry.

We turn to the medical community and our political leaders to do whatever they can to contain and ultimately eradicate the disease, as well as mitigate its economic and other effects on our lives.

But how do we address the emotional and psychological toll this is taking on our psyches? Every day things change, and the unknown future is driving fear and panic into people’s hearts. With schools closed, travel all but ended, public events banned, people working from home, the stock market plunging – with virtually every detail of our lives rattled — how can we prevent this craziness from not driving us all mad? In many ways, demoralization and fear can be even more debilitating than the virus itself.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he presents a 3800-year-old time-tested formula for becoming stronger and more powerful in face of crisis and upheaval. Discover what we can learn from the endurance of the Jewish people throughout history despite all the oppression and suffering they experienced? What deeper significance does the coronavirus have, and what spiritual antidote can counter its impact on us.

We may not be able to control the worldwide spread of the virus, but we can control our attitude to it. And when we do, we can define our destinies and come out stronger than ever.

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