The Transcendent Power of Joy

Often, to appreciate a gift, we need to imagine what life would be like without it. What would our lives be like without joy? Without happiness? Even with the capacity for joy life can be quite difficult. Devoid of any joy, it would simply be unfathomable to imagine how unbearable existence would be.

But if joy is such a necessity, why is it at times so difficult to access? Is there anything we can do to become happier people? Before we can answer these questions, we first need to understand what exactly is joy and what role it plays in our lives. Many of us confuse joy with pleasure, and think that we become happy through gratifying our desires. With such a distorted perception of joy, no wonder we aren’t becoming happier people.

Don’t miss this eye-opening — and heart-opening — talk by Rabbi Jacobson, which dissects the anatomy of joy and the essential nutrients it provides us. Discover how joy is actually the experience of transcendence. And like oxygen for the body, the transcendent power of joy is absolutely necessary for a wholesome, successful and fulfilling life.

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