The Difference Between a Blessing and a Prayer

What is the difference between a prayer and a blessing? A blessing channels your existing-but-unfulfilled potential, while a prayer evokes something altogether new. Join the Meaningful Life Center’s Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this concise, motivating video discussing the distinction between a blessing and a prayer.


This video is an excerpt from the Weekly Global Class: How to Give and Receive Blessings

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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
We Pray; But Is Anyone Listening?
February 23, 2022 @8:30pm
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seek clarity
2 years ago

thank you

what is the source for this please.

Owen Meyer
2 years ago

Dear MLC, Rabbi Jacobson,

What does it mean to say a blessing, to bless Hashem? Isn’t Hashem higher than we are? Isn’t He the Giver of blessings. What does it mean to say, “Blessed are you Hashem?

I was hoping that would have been spoken about here.

Thank you VERY MUCH.


Owen Meyer

The Meaningful Life Center