Do You Feel Free?

Are you free? Most people instinctively reply: Of course I am free. We live in a free world. In contrast to centuries past, today the citizens of the USA and most of the countries in the world are guaranteed inalienable rights — freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Today we have the freedom to move about and make our own decisions about virtually every aspect of life, unlike in days of old, when monarchs and despots ruled the world with absolute authority.

But do these rights alone define true freedom? You can be technically free, unbound by chains and authority, and yet be completely enslaved by your fears, insecurities, addictions and a series of other forces that encumber your ability to spread your wings. Take technology: is it freeing you or ensnaring you? Are you in control of your life, or do other voices and expectations define and control your decisions?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening and “freeing” presentation, as he introduces a deeper way of defining freedom — not just the freedom to do “whatever you like,” but the freedom to be yourself — to express your unique voice without any outside imposition. Discover how true freedom is not the absence of subjugation, but experiencing the full expanse of life. It is not merely the shedding of external chains, but unlocking the internal chains that stop you from living up to your infinite potential.

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Cindy L Abrams
2 years ago

Such fabulous thinking and work. It is an inspiration and a daily shot to read Rabbi Jacobson’s pieces. yashar koach. keep going!

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