Do You Know How to Love and How to Channel? Omer Workshop Session One

Post-Passover and Omer Workshop

Everyone needs and wants love. We also all need our space and the ability to contain love. Just as love deprivation starves the soul, an overflow of untempered love can be smothering. Love is a flow, which needs to be channeled. What is your love and channeling like? Do you know how and when to give? Do you know when and how to restrain? Do you give or withhold too much? Learning to master the art of balance between love and restraint, giving and channeling, is the key to healthy and successful relationships and to virtually every aspect of living a fluid life.

As we enter the second week of a powerful, 3325-year old Omer system, of personal refinement and character development, please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects our love and channeling tools (chesed and gevurah). Discover methods to diagnose your life skills, to identify your strengths and weaknesses and incorporate techniques to access and improve the way you give and take. This is the first of a series of classes dedicated to explore all our emotional faculties to help us enhance our lives and relationships.

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6 years ago

Thank you so much for this video. Not only was I able to learn, but I can take this information to my children. No doubt, this will strengthen their foundation while navigating through life.

6 years ago

Hi Rabbi,

Thank you for being and taking the time to share your wisdom and knowledge. Your presence is always reassuring and comforting. I’m a better person because of your teaching. You gave me a safe place to go to whenever I need it.

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