Enigmatic Esther: Pre-Purim Workshop

How The Alter Rebbe Changed the World.

Do you ever feel like a walking paradox? Filled with contradictions and inconsistencies? Does it ever make you feel weird as if something is wrong with you? Well, join the club… We humans are living, breathing enigmas. And nothing more captures the conundrum than does Esther of the Purim megilah (named after her). Her very name connotes mystery: Esther from the word “concealment,” and a double concealment at that (haster astir). Indeed, the entire Purim story is one filled with paradoxes and strange twists and turns. Yet, in its bizarre trajectory, Purim, perhaps like no other story, reflects the mysterious story of our own life journeys.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this pre-Purim talk (which is also part of the continuing series on the Alter Rebbe’s revolutionary contributions in honor of his 200th yahrzeit), and discover how the enigmatic Esther allows us a glimpse into the mystique within each of us, and the extraordinary power contained in this doubly concealed secret. Learn how Purim can unleash your innermost resources and transform your life and your relationships.

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