Functional and Dysfunctional Joy: Pre-Purim Workshop

Pre-Purim Workshop

Who doesn’t want to be happy? And who doesn’t deserve to be happy? Yet, happiness often eludes us. Worse, in our desperation we often resort to temporary and even destructive behaviors that elicit some momentary high and instant gratification — anything to relieve the tension of life. How do we distinguish between healthy and unhealthy forms of happiness? How do we determine whether we are experiencing functional or dysfunctional joy? Is joy generated from within ourselves or stimulated by others and by outside forces? And above all: what can we do to find true and lasting satisfaction?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening pre-Purim workshop and discover some surprising secrets about joy and ways to find happiness in unexpected places in your life. Learn how Purim provides us with a new lens to look at our lives, our interactions and the world around us. Come away with new found confidence in yourself and in finding joy not without but within.

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