Freedom of Speech: Why It Matters

Rabbi Simon Jacobson interviews education historian Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman (author of Free Speech: And Why You Should Give a Damn)

We live in a free country (America). Or so we thought. Our right to freedom of speech, which we are promised in our Bill of Rights, seems to be under attack. Censorship is currently rampant; in the news and social media, by our political leaders and big tech corporations.

Are we truly free to voice our thoughts and opinions? Are the smaller voices being silenced by the louder ones, thus censoring the voices of the minorities? And, should we be free to say whatever we want, even at the risk of harming or insulting another person?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for this critical and fascinating discussion with Dr. Zimmerman as they dissect censorship and freedom of speech, while demonstrating how we can each voice our opposing viewpoints on critical matters while still having a civil and intellectual dialogue.

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