Rabbi Simon Jacobson in Conversation with TikTok Exec, Michal Oshman: Bridging Faith and Modernity

Judaism often gets a bad rap, with notions of repression, restrictions and fundamentalism. In truth, Judaism – when not distorted or abused – is quite frankly the precise opposite, offering a blueprint to elevate, uplift and transform every moment and struggle in your life.

Join us for a fascinating discussion on how Jewish wisdom changed the life of a successful TikTok executive and how her spiritual journey led to inner freedom and growth, both personally and professionally. Discover how it could transform your life as well.

Purchase Michal Oshman’s best-selling book:What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid.

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Chana Fleischer
2 years ago

Michal’s book led me to the Tanya; my Tanya teacher led me to Rabbi Jacobson. What a lovely personable and informative interview. Thank you both for paying it forward. x

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