Have You Lost Your Voice?

Or Perhaps Never Found It?

Can you freely express yourself with your unique voice, or do you find yourself suppressing your feelings in favor of someone else’s expectations? Do you even know what your own true voice and personality sound like? There was a time when you expressed yourself without inhibitions. When you were a young child crawling around and exploring your world, you did so with free abandon, without fear or judgment. Where has that voice and curiosity gone? Did you become a pleaser, always satisfying others, fearful of rocking the boat? Or perhaps you have become defiant, rebelling against the forces that have silenced you? Either way, your own natural voice has been lost or perhaps never been found… And that is sad…

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this moving Shabbat of Song workshop and discover how to find your own voice, even if it has been long buried. Learn how to see through the clutter and recognize the real you amidst the superimposed pressures that compel you to hide yourself and your individuality. Find your voice, and when you do — you may never want to stop singing…

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