Help! I’m Drowning

Do you feel overwhelmed and inundated by the deluge of demands and expectations tugging at you from all directions? Are your personal uncertainties, fears and anxieties flooding your psyche? Are you burned out by information overload continuously streaming into your mind and heart?

If you answered yes, know that you are not alone. Virtually every one of us has times — some more often than others — when we feel that we cannot get our heads above water. We may have moments of respite, but the incessant wear and tear of life’s presenting challenges and pressures – — from financial burdens to personal struggles — cause us tremendous stress, to the point of feeling that things are out of control and even hopeless. We try to divide and conquer, taking it day by day, but the longer term forecast can appear gloomy and dark.

Is there anything you can do to protect yourself from the raging floodwaters drenching your life?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this vital and highly relevant presentation addressing one of the most compelling strains of our time. Discover a timeless method to insulate yourself from the torrential tsunamis surging around us. Learn how to engage in life while remaining afloat and above the fray; how to transcend the stormy seas while also riding them to unprecedented heights.

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Lori S.
2 years ago

Creating a life-saving ark in this generation takes commitment and lots of work. A return to an emphasis on family leadership, reading and the study of timeless wisdom and immutable values, shared responsibility, and focused/peaceful/meaningful communication would help transform the home into the sacred teivah (ark) that Hashem desires it to be. So many of our youth are trapped within a dysfunctional environment that has been disrupted–literally invaded by— secular “noise”, misplaced priorities, unruly and uncensored rhetoric, and outside influences reinforced by passive entertainment, the ever-pervasive cellphone, social media, & advertising that continue to usurp the sacred expression of prayer, Torah truths, and heart-to-heart meaningful conversation. A goal of every family ought to be to work on tuning out the outside world and focusing more on the intimacy and the sacredness of the home as a teivah so we can “be” more rather than try to always “do” and acquire more. Our children need authentic role models. Therefore, our goal must be to take the time to learn and to share words and expressions of truth that serve to debunk the erroneous myths and philosophies to which we have been exposed.

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