How to Host Your First Passover Seder (or Your First Great One)

The Passover Seder may the longest standing ceremony in history. Its multifaceted and nuanced structure, its rich and diverse rituals and customs, as well as all its many variations in different communities, is both fascinating and confusing.

Passover, perhaps like no other holiday, captures the broad spectrum of religious and spiritual experience, from one extreme to the next. For the most observant, the Passover Seder is a solemn time, heavily filled with rules and regulations, ripe with layers of customs and meanings, to be followed to the tee with all the stringency of Passover law. For many the Seder is not quite as intense. Rather it is a nice, nostalgic experience. A time to get together with family and friends. A time to remember history and celebrate our heritage. For others the Seder is at best a nuisance and at worst an imposition. Some wonder what are these traditions all about; others are skeptical as to their contemporary relevance; yet others are apathetic to the whole demonstration, which doesn’t carry much significance in their lives. Finally, there are those for whom the entire holiday experience is an unhealthy facade concealing an otherwise dysfunctional family life. For many others it’s something in between: A night of tradition, which at times offers some inspiration, but at other times seems hollow and mechanical.

But is there anything more than all the above that makes “this night different than all other nights of the year?”

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Pre-Passover workshop bringing alive the Seder in all its glory — as a 15-step journey toward personal freedom and transcendence. This presentation is especially geared for those hosting a Passover Seder and seeking to make it relevant and resonant for their guests. But whether you are hosting or participating in a Seder, you will discover in this program methods and tips to creating an unforgettable experience, which will empower all with sustainable tools to free themselves emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

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