How Disruptions Lead to a New World Order

Rioting, violence, anger, chaos.. Such is the current political climate and behavior in the USA. How did we end up with this large divide and polarization of a magnificent country? What are we to make of the upheavals in Washington? And where do we go from here?

The silver lining in any disruption and upheaval, is it presents an opening and  opportunity for growth and positive change. It serves as a wake up call to challenge our leaders and ourselves toward progress.

In our current situation, first and foremost we must remember that we are all the children of God and respect each other’s differences while appreciating that we are all part of one union. All people, regardless of background, religion, race or political persuasion must declare that we are all created equal, that E Pluribus Unum. Despite our differences, let us connect and unite like never before.

Join Rabbi Jacobson and learn how together we can – and must – use this unprecedented time to create a new world order, to spread goodness, kindness and unity. The future is in our hands. How will we react?

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3 years ago

Excellent perspective because we can only control our attitude which means we can adapt and thrive.

The Meaningful Life Center