The Secret Language of Teenagers

If anyone has ever had a teenager (or been a teenager)… we need not say more… The language barrier between adults/parents and teens can be just as confusing and bewildering as two people meeting from different countries. And often the adult and teen find themselves at odds, each one left feeling misunderstood and frustrated.

We all know these years are imperative to building a solid foundation and future, so how are we to bridge this gap? How are we to communicate with a “foreign entity”, to break through the barrier and really connect in a healthy and constructive way? Ask yourself: When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk about the real issues of life with your teen? A talk about personal issues, about their place and purpose in the world. A talk that looked at pain and failure, and addressed hope and aspiration.

Join Rabbi Jacobson to decipher the secret language of teens and learn how to communicate in a sincere and routine manner.

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