How to Come Back from the Dark Side

Theme: The Dark Side

The “dark side” sounds very foreboding. While most people have not actually fallen prey to dark forces which control their lives, each of us has our darker side — that ugly part of our lives which we prefer to keep buried like skeletons in our “closets.”  Is there then any value in speaking about these shadows, which we are loath to expose? The only purpose in doing so is not to simply dwell on the negative and the unpleasant, but to help us learn how to return from the dark side – whatever form it takes — and build a life of light and warmth. Can we indeed free ourselves from the darker forces in our lives? Can one who has fallen hostage to the dark side come back and create a healthy life?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he addresses, in his unique way, a topic rarely discussed: How to deal with the dark side? Whether it is the darker secrets we each harbor, or the demonic darkness of addiction or cults and other powers that control us — this illuminating class will help you dissect the abyss and come away with even greater strength to face any challenge and adversary. Discover the enormous power contained in the “dark side” — like that of a “black hole” — and how to harness it for the good.

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