How to Deal With Adversity: A 5 Step Plan

How do you deal with adversity? When facing a challenge in life, how do you react?

There are the conventional approaches of fight or flight; do you retreat out of fear of confrontation; escape your reality? Or do you stand up and fight, waging a battle with the enemy within and without?

Others might turn to prayer; do you beseech G-d to interfere and show you the way? Or do you follow the approach of simply giving in; surrendering to the circumstances and waving the white flag.

These are the four conventional approaches that most people take when dealing with the different obstacles that life throws at them. And believe it or not, while all four might serve a purpose in specific moments, they are all limiting and holding you back from truly facing your challenges.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson to discover a revolutionary fifth approach to dealing with adversity – which will not only help you overcome the obstacles but will help you grow from them to become the best you can be.

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